The Aramco Brats' Story Home: The Aramco Brats' Story
by Aramco Brat Media

A feature documentary film that brings to life Americans' feelings for Saudi Arabia.
Messengers of friendship between Americans and Saudis in this post 9/11 world, Aramco Brats are children of expatriate workers who were employed by Aramco (Arabian American Oil Company) and who spent their childhoods within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. HOME - The Aramco Brats' Story is a feature length independent documentary film revealing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as seen through their eyes. The film is an amazing depiction of Saudi Arabia, Arabs, and Islam narrated by Western citizens of all faiths, who choose not to concentrate on religion, but rather look at the other cultural aspects that many overlook when unfairly judging these people and their nation.


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Tunes From The Dunes
by Aramco Brat Media

A compilation of original music written and performed by Aramco Brats and other expatriates, inspired from life in Saudi Arabia
"I like chicken kubsa!" from the popular song "SA" written for the soundtrack of HOME - The Aramco Brats' Story kicks off Tunes from the Dunes, a musical compilation from over 15 American bands playing songs inspired by their expatriate lives in Saudi Arabia, often fusing a Saudi flavor into their USA styles. In true Saudi Arabian tradition, the album's essence is expressed through poetry recited in the introduction and available on the album's inside cover. Included are soundtrack songs from films made by American expatriate filmmakers such as: HOME - The Aramco Brats' Story - a feature documentary that brings to life Americans' feelings for Saudi Arabia directed by three American filmmakers that lived in Saudi; and SOUR - an independent skate film that documents one American expatriate from Saudi who took it upon himself to bring young Israeli and Palestinian skaters together in Jordan to skate for the first time ever. Everything, from the graphic design to the oil painting that is the album's cover art, was conceived and designed by American expatriates of Saudi Arabia wishing to send a little of the Saudi flavor they know and love to the rest of the world. From Hip Hop to Reggae, Hard Rock to Country and Electronica to Folk, lovers of diversity will find these "tunes from the dunes" a MUST.


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